Friends become foes in twilights
Foes already casting you down
Family epitomizing the Judas
Karma been a downer
This is how life been spelled

Lost in many of thougts
Drenching in thousand tears
Wearing soggy and gloomy faces
Locked up in own misery
This is how I spelled life

People gonna be talking
Nothing would be on a platter
Everyone won’t be good charmer
Would walk through broken glasses
That is how the world forever be

But am now feeling change
Tired but vibrant to push on
Weak but strengthened to live on
Sick but recovered by life expectations
This is how life ought to be

Here am going
Moving to the other side of bliss
Cause am a survivor and fighter
With the so what attitide
Am gonna thrive and excel
Am gonna make a crush
Am gonna make my lemonade already
Out of all the lemon put up
This is how am gonna live life


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