Thought could have a mirrored you
Unearthed the world looking for you
Dressed to impress their eyes
Spoke to catch their attention
Laughed at their empty jokes
Late night calls to feel pleased
Imposed life memories to find another you
Now feeling weary and drenched
Realizing i dont need someone like you
Or rather a brand new you
Been wanting only you
Didnt have to kiss others
To realize i miss you
Didn’t have hold hands with the stranger
Yet you held me down
Didn’t have to look for laughter
Yet you are my source of joy
Didn’t have to look for potential problems
Yet your heart be my solutions
It was and will be outright sure
That  we always had something special
So wouldn’t want to waste my nights
Searching for the perfect you
Yet i have you to perfect
Searching for the brand you
Yet i will always have you renewed


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