Searched around the world
Scholared through philosophers say
Heard them tell of their tales
Watched them flourish in their twilights
Yet cant find my answers;
What defines love?

The world depicts harsh irony of love
Love a quid pro quo basis
Money for pleasure
Pleasure for an ear to lend
Ear to lend for some empathy
Is this love?

Philosophers giving their educated thoughts
The strong feeling yet to have towards someone
But never defines when you love
Do the strong feelings magically appear?
Apparently we grow in love so they say
Why then, love be so retarded?

Princesses telling beautiful fairy tales
Of the triumphant appearance of the prince charming
Epitomes of happiness in there then sad tales
Foolishly accorded by the phrase ‘love is blind’
Supressing there dreams, hopes and own happiness
To appease each other for bogus happiness
Really how blind is this love?

Haven’t thrown in the towels
Still not understanding its magnitude
Cant replenish what I don’t persive
Hoping to get to define;

®love edition

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