Dear future boyfriend,
Roses on the floor
The velvet dress on the bed
That glittering watch at the bedside
Cant remember to forget
You bought me my novel on amazon
The memorable day
Watching sunset in the cruise
On our birthday
Oh yes our birthday

Boo, i love you
He says
Babe, you look pretty like the stars
He utters
Darling , do you know we are our forever
He affirms
Cupcake, today be looking adorable
He continually admires
With those sparks in your eyes you light up my world
He whispers in my ear every morning

Remember you were with me when i went for my braces
Remember you the guy who inspired me to write poetry
Remember you were my shoulder when my world crushed all around
The moment  i told you all my whacky and boring stories
But you stiil got the time and genuine smiles
Oooh remembered you taught me to  swim play thise of our games and keep all smiles

Appreciate the breakfast in bed
The numeous cook fights in the kitchen
As you teach me to cook the simple chapatis
Yesternight you brought groceries
Did the dishes together without complaints
The help you give relentlessly to make our home
Has no magnitude nor direction
Just you , me and this love

You came so natural
No pet names
No expensive gifts
No amount of nice gestures
Could supplement the numerous times
Times you were always there
The kisses
The hugs
The carresses
The words of affirmation
Cant measure up to us
The imperfect perfection

Love edition

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