Speak up
Shout up
Have the stamina
Walk heads high
Talk a little louder
Glow up
Stand out
Be more proud
Live up
Embrace change
Take critic positively
Love unconditionally
Eyes open to the future
Be the You
No ear to hear
No nods of active listening
No breathe to act on the advices
No life to live up
But a gravestone
Back in the garden
Ironic loved ones
Guiltily outpour
With the i wish know songs at heart
Lived in the shadows
Heart throbbed with pain
An epitome of hopelessness
Covered with deceitful smiles
Snares and trolls
Tried to brave it all
Alone in the abyss
Chapters she tried to rip
Permanently closed
Clock stopped ticking
Bravery dried out
Life shortened its misery
If only you loved her more
If only you could be there more
If only heard the priceless voice
If only…..

®love edition

love more omit suicide

10 thoughts on “PRICELESS VOICE

    1. Why wait for i wish i knew and if only to offer when one is beyond repair or even worse dead …when you were the first to distance yourself first in trolling first in not giving love to the guy and be with them in their battles…..i wonder
      Suucide cases are getting worse by the day

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  1. I basically came here from Phoebe’s blog and after reading this I’m speechless. You’ve said almost each and every point for living a confident life. Keep it up. I’ll read more of your poems fir sure. Congratulations for getting a new follower. Would be glad if you also visit, read and follow my blog whenever time permits.


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