Candle lit dinner dates
Walks under the horizon
Pillow fights on cosy beds
Dancing the nights away
Boozing up the memories at the bar
Expensive gifts nostalgic suprises
Is it the warm hugs and lustful kisses
Or the the shoulders we lean on
Or ears that heed to our heart outpour
The tolerance we got when hurt
Or the patience we got to await the healing
The joy spelled out when we share this blissful moments
Never getting enough of each other
Already taking vows though not ready to walk the isle
I will be there for you
Care for you
Take of you
Those are the vows consoling our souls
Already bestowed as the power couple
The epitome of what really love is
But then
All this sounds too good to be true
Does this perfect love exist
They say it’s you to make it happen
Fake it till you make it huh
Don’t mistake me for one who is hopeless or with negative vibes
Just confused as you are
We try to write our stories
Not mirrored or copied
But stories keep on being erased before they hit the bridged
The strong pillar bonds break by a whisker
You keep wondering what went wrong till you hit quits
Nothing is impossible yet possibilities turn into miseries
Had to lose a heck lot to get to one
But the one still draws the line back where we started
Can’t lie I can’t do better alone
But the maze already makes me tipsy
Is it all worth it?
Does love really exist??

®love edition


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