Pomp and glory was her label
Lavished and adored her pride
All her wishes were outright horses
Her goals slapped with undivided devotion
On her peak she waded her victory
She was impressive though oppressive
Celebrity with no sobreity
Pretty without and empty within
Rolled over the so called foes
Pushing away the ones who seem to care
The stalkers now naysayers
The  fans now be loathing
Haters already drenched with hate
Friends slipping away
But are they to blame?
When did it all fade away?
Chewed up in my own vomit
Wanted to impress now depress
Tripping and dripping from all horror
Pressure pushing from all sides
All negativity dawning on me
A perfect ignito to self
Used to love me now hating
Hiting back with elusive bitter quizes
Trying to recall who I was before this
No light in the end tunnel
Dark shadows crawling
Truth be told I wanna quits
Wanna get rid of all stressing
Don’t wanna tell the tale
Of when love faded
But wanna rewrite my story
Reclaim myself
Rejuvenate the me that never was
So help me now
To find love again

®love edition

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