Why can’t it be ABC easy?
Why all these questions?
So many doubts
Doubts of our tomorrow
So many guilts
Guilts of their yesternight
Is it so hard to live by today?
Why is it so hard to believe?
‘I love you’ lyrics
Is me or the love to be blame?
Cause am so damn confused
Dear please enlighten!
I got so fucked up in this maze
Can’t find my way to your heart
The journey got so foggy
Got deaf and dumb
Refuse to hear your truth
Can’t speak my truth
Coz we both too fragile
To be smashed and hurt
Can’t it get more easier
The insecurities
The denials
They all painted a bad picture
Of their love story
Having as pay for it all
Why is that so?
We don’t need Picasso to draw us the picture
Nor Shakespeare to write our story
Nor Taylor Swift’s song influence us
We just need us
Only characters in this play
It doesn’t need to be all perfect
WE ain’t to hurt each other
No loss because of others imperfections
Sorry not sorry for loving you so

®love edition


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