The pages quickly unfold
No time to flip through it all
No time to binge it up
Times of ‘we wish we knew’ dawned
Where were the signs and alarms?
What happened to the 911 calls?
Seems none was there to save us
The turmoils that spelt havoc
Like tarnodo that sweepeth the being
From all the corners of the world
Creates pandemonium and mayhem
With lots to chew down our throats
Suddenly like all the said magic
No close proximity but toxicity
The air stinking of fear
Fear of being coronated up
Fear of the black turning white
Fear of the world closing in
Hustles closed down
Luxuries beaten down
No more defined previledges
All lives by the echoes of the four walls
The thin line faded
Atleast will lve by the fantasy little longer
Though comes with toils
But we get the picture so vivid
It gets all dramatic and humuorous
Like the 1938 film down at the cinema
Where we play the victims
They the benefitors
When wiil state of normancy be?
Will it hit stop down at the end of Corona road?
Or was it a long pause from horrific movie?
Let’s keep our fingers crossed
Eyes closed in the moment of silence
And be more safe
Cause the movie is about to hit play

®love edition


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