Reach up to the stars
Walk up to the moon
Let the sky be your limits
Space walk your dreams
These are his ultimate goals
Don’t break promises
Don’tĀ  get all frenzy
Don’t let your heart be broken
Don’t beĀ  a freak
Kinda her never let go rules
Everyone on gruesome masks
So many rules
Great tales of numerous lies
We live by
Beautiful liars
Handsome cowards
Slowly euthanizing our lives away
What can I really say or do?
Do we have to live this way?
You all want some more
Satisfaction with the tear of a fore
Self actualization when trampled all down
The cloudy obstacles to the sky
Are your punching bags
Of cruelty, greed, hatred, pride
Things you blame for being you
Please let’s just be honest
What is the sense of all the damn success
While you never got to the silver lining
Of the clouds you crushed
You monstrous being
Quite the role play
Motivate the you we should know
Not crappy pawn you play
Let’s get real
Face our obstacles
Live and love it all
We’ll get a more greater sky
That is our cure ā¤ļø

Ā®love edition


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