Welcome to Africa
Karibuni Africa
Our motherland
Our pride
Picture so beautiful
From out and within
But too beautiful to be perfect
Soft lands for terrorism
Good market for slavery
Worthless immigrants
Best prop description from without
When Will we breath freedom?
When will gain independence?
When even within dependence thrives
Politicians eating from the others plate
Corruption a new normal
Tribalism our key to success
Affecting even our social life
Could it get any better
Death be development
It’s only power that suits the soul
Depriving the citizen
To the life game
Welcome still to Africa
Where education is a no value
But just a life routine
To get a better life
But no life here
Where health lie on thread
No better doctors at your care
Where art is a no show
Unless you blend in
To the crap to be noticed
No innovation no inventions
Just a clone of the art
Welcome oh welcome
Africa our illicit pride

®love edition


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