For it is written
For God so loved the world
The world he outright designed
Designed by the mighty voice
And all was in place
Took all the precious time
By hands He crafted man
And with the breathe of life
Through the man’s nostrils
He bestowed life unto him
The beautiful scene
Watching man from yonder
Naming the birds in the air
The animals on land and water
But he got lonely and sad
And God created the treasured helper
Companion and friend for man
For it is written
That he gave up his only son
Because of the infinite love
He got for this world
The sinful world it became
Born from the virgin
And layed in a manger
The angels marvelled at the rise
Of the world’s Saviour
Preached love and redemption
To the ends of the world
An epitome of love and unity
He was to all that believed
A go to when afflicted
He loved , He loves, always love
For He is Love


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