The whispering voice I utter
Posing the beautiful smirk
As I ponder over
The not so difficult question
“Describe you in four words?” He asks
Easy it may seem
But got my mind in turmoil
Should I say should I say not
Could now feel the aching sweat
Almost  getting chocked
By the heavy gulps in the gut
Twas the dungeon in the split second
That had no escape run
“Sad soul, ” I am
Drenching heart of sorrow
“Guilty soul, ” I am
Chained to the world’s class
“Mirrored soul” I am
Struggle to be an epitome of everyone
“Weak soul, “I am
In the battles within and without
Am happy,  confident, independent and brave
I responded smiling broadly
Muse to their expectations
Prisoner of my own self
But the guy held my hand
Now already shaking
Keep calm, breathe easy
Already knew who you are
Know you need love
Know you need assurance
Know you need to pour it all out
Know you need a true identity
Know you need source of strength
Willing to be all in all for you
If you come just as you are
Are you?

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