Could call it obssessionCould call it delusionBeen round searchingFor the ride or dieFor so i say soulmateFor the perfect excuse‘Heart want what it wants’Always wanting perfect matchesExpert in giving advicesLove matters concernedButCant tell what  i really wantDont understand myself betterPushing away criticsWalking away from positivityComparing myself to everyoneNo self acqualization to meetCause standards set byContinue reading “IS LOVING ME ENOUGH”


Welcome to AfricaKaribuni AfricaOur motherlandOur pridePicture so beautifulFrom out and withinBut too beautiful to be perfectSoft lands for terrorismGood market for slaveryWorthless immigrantsBest prop description from withoutWhen Will we breath freedom?When will gain independence?When even within dependence thrivesPoliticians eating from the others plateCorruption a new normalTribalism our key to successAffecting even our social lifeCould itContinue reading “AFRICA”


Reach up to the starsWalk up to the moonLet the sky be your limitsSpace walk your dreamsThese are his ultimate goalsDon’t break promisesDon’t  get all frenzyDon’t let your heart be brokenDon’t be  a freakKinda her never let go rulesEveryone on gruesome masksSo many rulesGreat tales of numerous liesWe live byBeautiful liarsHandsome cowardsSlowly euthanizing our livesContinue reading “UNDEFINED🚫”


Why can’t it be ABC easy?Why all these questions?So many doubtsDoubts of our tomorrowSo many guiltsGuilts of their yesternightIs it so hard to live by today?Why is it so hard to believe?‘I love you’ lyricsIs me or the love to be blame?Cause am so damn confusedDear please enlighten!I got so fucked up in this mazeCan’tContinue reading “ABC”


Pomp and glory was her labelLavished and adored her prideAll her wishes were outright horsesHer goals slapped with undivided devotionOn her peak she waded her victoryShe was impressive though oppressiveCelebrity with no sobreityPretty without and empty withinRolled over the so called foesPushing away the ones who seem to careThe stalkers now naysayersThe  fans now beContinue reading “WHEN LOVE FADES AWAY”


Down by the riverWatching over the sunsetCrawling beyond the mountainsWalks over perhaps tipsyBut the kind of a daisyWith the smirk on faceThat pulls my heart awayThe georgous dazzling eyesRumbling the butterflied stomachThe deep petite of a voiceSending shivers through the veinsGoing through those emotionsNo ink could spell out ®love edition ©bellah_the_poet


Speak upShout upHave the staminaWalk heads highTalk a little louderGlow upStand outBe more proudLive upEmbrace changeTake critic positivelyLove unconditionallyEyes open to the futureBe the YouNo ear to hearNo nods of active listeningNo breathe to act on the advicesNo life to live upBut a gravestoneBack in the gardenIronic loved onesGuiltily outpourWith the i wish know songsContinue reading “PRICELESS VOICE”


Mirror on the wallOnce again we hereTears rolling disgustinglyWill i walk the streets yet again?Will i have a snack at the cafe?What will i wear today?Would i post that beautify picture by the lake?Beautiful!?Huh!Been so lost in youTruly uncomfortable and doubtfulWe rise and fallBut the fall been so hard latelyNo where to get refuge  butContinue reading “BEAUTIFUL SCARS”

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