Down by the riverWatching over the sunsetCrawling beyond the mountainsWalks over perhaps tipsyBut the kind of a daisyWith the smirk on faceThat pulls my heart awayThe georgous dazzling eyesRumbling the butterflied stomachThe deep petite of a voiceSending shivers through the veinsGoing through those emotionsNo ink could spell out ®love edition ©bellah_the_poet


Speak upShout upHave the staminaWalk heads highTalk a little louderGlow upStand outBe more proudLive upEmbrace changeTake critic positivelyLove unconditionallyEyes open to the futureBe the YouNo ear to hearNo nods of active listeningNo breathe to act on the advicesNo life to live upBut a gravestoneBack in the gardenIronic loved onesGuiltily outpourWith the i wish know songsContinue reading “PRICELESS VOICE”


Mirror on the wallOnce again we hereTears rolling disgustinglyWill i walk the streets yet again?Will i have a snack at the cafe?What will i wear today?Would i post that beautify picture by the lake?Beautiful!?Huh!Been so lost in youTruly uncomfortable and doubtfulWe rise and fallBut the fall been so hard latelyNo where to get refuge  butContinue reading “BEAUTIFUL SCARS”


Going through emotions.Tearing my heart apartPull away the ‘i ‘contactCause can’t keep the eye contactHe called for an audienceHis heart ached for closureHis lips preached loveHe righted all wrongsAn epitome of joyIn the world of darknessStrings of hopeTo the hopeless beingThe unifying bondOf the art that blossomsBut….Seems the rain went drySeems the sun scorched hardWindContinue reading “WITHERED ROSE”

True Love

TRUE LOVETheir’s be historyForever be our storyTime spent wastedOur time always rejuvenatedFriends define their loveWe draw out our loveImperfect you in meAnd me in youEmpty the promisesScribbled in our heartsMay always seem in their eyesBut promisesEndlessly filled with the loveLove that knows no insecuritiesBut quenches in deep trustLove that knows no painBut comforts the afflictedContinue reading “True Love”


LOVEBellah_the_poet Searched around the worldScholared through philosophers sayHeard them tell of their talesWatched them flourish in their twilightsYet cant find my answers;What defines love? The world depicts harsh irony of loveLove a quid pro quo basisMoney for pleasurePleasure for an ear to lendEar to lend for some empathyIs this love? Philosophers giving their educated thoughtsTheContinue reading “Love”

Mirrored Memories

I keep trying to be herConstantly reminded of her reckons‘success comes through process’‘life knows no sad songs’Those were her wordsNow an anthem in my heartAs I tarry the danger of the worldGoing home through the dark alleyHoping to meet  my sunrise at duskReality keeps hitting real hardAlways finding ways to get backWith her anthem atContinue reading “Mirrored Memories”


HEY YOU Thought could have a mirrored youUnearthed the world looking for youDressed to impress their eyesSpoke to catch their attentionLaughed at their empty jokesLate night calls to feel pleasedImposed life memories to find another youNow feeling weary and drenchedRealizing i dont need someone like youOr rather a brand new youBeen wanting only youDidnt haveContinue reading “Bellah_the_poet”

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